IMD provides proven effective service and adapts each health care services contract to effectively meet each client’s needs for maximum benefit. Following are a few of our company highlights.

  • IMD has directed more than $150 million in client facility development and capital improvement.
  • Annually bills in excess of 100,000 patient accounts representing almost $250 million in patient charges.
  • Annually collects in excess of $100 million.
  • Contracts and re-contracts with more than 100 insurance or managed care plans offered through various entities.
  • Schedules, verifies and assists on the pre-certification more than 50,000 patients annually.
  • Administers a $2+ million complete hospital management systems to streamline information flow between scheduling, physicians, patient care, pharmacy, lab, radiology, purchasing, payroll, time and attendance, accounting and reporting.
  • Deploys state-of-the-art network technologies to facilitate electronic communication, centralized storage and retrieval, 24-hour operations, and seamless integration.

The IMD team has extensive experience in the development of a variety of health care facilities. Projects range from hospitals to multi-specialty ambulatory surgery centers, specialty clinics, diagnostic imaging centers as well as IPA’s (Independent Physician Associations) and PHO’s (Physician/Hospital Organizations).

Oklahoma Spine Hospital Animas Surgical Hospital Key Health Institute