Integrated Medical Delivery (IMD) is a diversified healthcare service company established in 1995 to provide healthcare facilities, physicians, and insurance companies with resources to make sound business decisions for the effective and efficient delivery of quality patient care.

The IMD business model focuses on providing outsourcing business solutions to healthcare entities enabling client hospitals, surgery centers, physician practices and imaging centers to focus on delivering quality efficient patient care rather than business operations.

We centralize business services in one off-site location allowing healthcare providers to consolidate overhead and streamline processes in this highly competitive, costly industry.  Our team of highly skilled professionals actively collaborates with leadership to provide operational recommendations and administrative support services.  IMD tailors each service agreement to meet the specific needs of each client including dedicating a unique team of professionals assigned to only your facility. 

In this environment, the integrated delivery model provides more effective patient care and facilitates cross-utilization and expansion of services in an industry that is highly competitive in both services rendered and cost limitations.

Our model also empowers health care leadership to focus on development and management of future service lines and state-of-the-art facilities thereby promoting the delivering quality patient care in comfortable settings, conducive to efficient prompt service delivery, recovery and patient wellness.

IMD’s innovative business practices and proactive stance view the ever-changing healthcare environment as an opportunity for growth of the integrated healthcare model.  With our development and operational expertise, healthcare providers realize long-term facility and physician success while achieving patient care goals through the collaborative relationship.

IMD specifically tailors each service contract to meet the needs of the client. We provide the development and operational expertise that translates into long-term facility and physician success.


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